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In 2020  The Dead Maggies are back with an album ‘More Than Just Ghosts’. Recorded in Indonesia some tracks reference their time spent there. And for the first time the Maggies have included traditional songs, weaving ancient folk stories in amongst their modern folk punk, exposing the links between the past and present of their music and lyrics.

In 2019  Fox N Firkin released another EP, this one’s titled “Hey Ho We’re (Fox N Firkin)”. This got a bit of buzz, and saw them listed as #1 on the list of ’10 bands of the next decade’ by

In 2018  Handsome Young Strangers released ‘The Bleeding Bridge’ EP, and we put out the ‘HOBOFOPO2019’ compilation album, with 19 songs from all your favourite folk-punk-orgy vagabonds.

In 2017  The Dead Maggies put out two paired EPs. ‘Wild Dogs and Flannies’ shows a deviation from old tales of convicts and bushrangers, and features five songs set in the current moment. Tackling heavy issues such as domestic violence, assisted suicide and depletion of wilderness. This EP features ‘She’ and ‘When I Die’, which have both already been getting airplay on Triple J, and featured on community radio stations. ‘The Wild Folk’ is set in the 1800s of Van Diemens Land, featuring tragic tales of; pirates, settlers, hangmen and indigenous Tasmanians.

02/12/2016 – The Ramshackle Army – ‘Whitewashed Graves’ EP.

TRSA are a 6 piece Celtic punk band from Melbourne. After supporting Dropkick Murphys around Australia in 2011 they’ve been back and forth between the USA and AUS with the Dropkicks, and also hitting the tour circuit with Frank Turner and The Tossers. Their new EP ‘Whitewashed Graves’ has already had plays on Triple J and Triple M (leading to them being Homegrown band of the week on Triple M).

04/11/2016 – Handsome Young Strangers – ‘The Battle of Broken Hill’ EP/minialbum
HYS perform a blazing blend of colonial, bush punk/rock that is uniquely Australian – tunes about bushrangers, shearing, droving, convict hardship, sports heroes, war veterans and other iconic Australians …. and all delivered with an arsenal of musical weaponry including banjos, mandolins, mandolas, dulcimers, lagerphones & fiddles to name a few. Equally at home on a cramped stage on a punk rock bill or a major folk festival, HYS take their influences from such revered Australian acts as The Bushwackers, Redgum, Roaring Jack and Weddings Parties Anything.

01/04/2016 – Fox ‘N’ Firkin – ‘No Vacancy’ Album.

Brisbane based Celtic-punk-rock fueled legends have released their debut full-length album, launching Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records 3rd release with a multi-state tour, playing with some incredible acts. As the name suggests this firey new album looks at Australias attitude to borders, nations and the worlds most vulnerable; as well as the more endearing and enduring characteristics, beers, mates & parties: because who’d be a part of a revolution where you can’t dance? This album got some nice words and reviews through the international Celtic Punk blogs, and lead single ‘No Vacancy’ got some Triple J airtime too. You can live stream Fox ‘N’ Firkin here or just buy it by clicking on the artwork below.

05/02/2016 – The Button Collective – ‘The Lonesome Sea’ EP.

Those ratbags that seem to be on permanent tour from one folk festival to the next. Performing gig after gig of applause and acclaim. With music borrowing elements from traditional folk bands of Australia, Ireland, and central Europe, spiced with the spirit of fast-paced bluegrass from America, Lonesome Sea takes you to the soul and centre of the deep dark seas. Read more here.

13/11/2015 – The Dead Maggies – ‘Well Hanged’ Album.

Tasmanian folkpunk band The Dead Maggies have greeted with cacophonous hoe-downs all around Australia, Asia and Europe. Well Hanged launched Folk Til Ya Punk Records, and has featured on local radio, several songs on Triple J, featured on international blogs, zines and radios, multiple nominations for Album of the Year (ranking 7th, 12th 18th and 30th for 2015), other rankings and awards… such comments as “What folk-punk is all about… Bands like this should be an inspiration to us all” (London Celtic Punks), and “Polished, but still a great punk ethos. Super work” (Ryk Goddard, ABC). Read reviews here and here.

Folk Til Ya Punk have now release eleven CDs, and all of our artists have received national radioplay on Triple J, that’s a 100% success rate, woohoo.

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