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Fist six acts announced for HOBOFOPO2019

Hobart's Original Folk Punk Orgy: HOBOFOPO2019 are proud to announce the first six acts. For the fourth annual instalment, the anticipated pilgrimage of crustys, folkies, punks and vagabonds will happen in the form of a four-day folk-punk gig-crawl of 30 bands around Hobart. The dates are 31/10 to 3/11, and we are excited to announce [...]

Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records announce HOBOFOPO 2019 – Save the date

Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records – announcing HOBOFOPO 2018 – Save The Date

Folk 'Til Ya Punk Records announce HOBOFOPO 2018 - Save The Date! SAVE THE DATE: 6 - 9 December 2018 HOBOFOPO is back!


HOBOFOPO 2017 will run 5-8th October. The first round of lineup announcement will be on Tuesday 18th.

The Ramshackle Army (Vic) joins FTYP!

Folk 'Til Ya Punk Records are excited to announce the latest addition to their roster. Melbourne Celtic Punk band The Ramshackle Army, will be shacking up in the stable that contains most of Australia's best folkpunk bands. Handsome Young Strangers, The Dead Maggies, The Button Collective and Fox 'N' Firkin have all releases [...]

The Dead Maggies tour dates August + September 2016

Sun 03 July 200 years since invading Tasmania, The Empire is in its death throes. But while Maggie’s dead, her ideas don’t rest. We can’t change the past, and we should probably talk about it... but instead, go and catch The Dead Maggies. Tasmanian story-telling, flannie-clad, folk-punks The Dead Maggies are on [...]

Fox ‘N’ Firkin launch ‘No Vacancy’ with April Tour!

Thu 31 March Brisbane Celtic-punk rock band Fox 'N' Firkin release debut album with a national tour in April. Since forming in 2012, Fox 'N' Firkin have established themselves in the thriving Brisbane music scene. They fill large rooms with crowds and music and get the audience manically mosh-jigging in their hometown time [...]

The Dead Maggies – Jørgen Jørgenson

Tue 20 October The Dead Maggies' new single matches their raucous folk-punk with a tale of the improbable yet true Jørgen Jørgenson. A pirate, a convict, a king and a drunkard, the title character is the perfect foil for The Dead Maggies' mix of foot-stomping folk and hollering punk antics. A [...]