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The Dead Maggies tour dates August + September 2016

Sun 03 July 200 years since invading Tasmania, The Empire is in its death throes. But while Maggie’s dead, her ideas don’t rest. We can’t change the past, and we should probably talk about it... but instead, go and catch The Dead Maggies. Tasmanian story-telling, flannie-clad, folk-punks The Dead Maggies are on [...]

Fox ‘N’ Firkin launch ‘No Vacancy’ with April Tour!

Thu 31 March Brisbane Celtic-punk rock band Fox 'N' Firkin release debut album with a national tour in April. Since forming in 2012, Fox 'N' Firkin have established themselves in the thriving Brisbane music scene. They fill large rooms with crowds and music and get the audience manically mosh-jigging in their hometown time [...]

The Dead Maggies – Jørgen Jørgenson

Tue 20 October The Dead Maggies' new single matches their raucous folk-punk with a tale of the improbable yet true Jørgen Jørgenson. A pirate, a convict, a king and a drunkard, the title character is the perfect foil for The Dead Maggies' mix of foot-stomping folk and hollering punk antics. A [...]


Hairyman Hairyman, is a hairy man from the depths of the forests of far south Tasmania. "Some call me a singing poet, some call me a balladeer, some see me as convict punk, some as redgum revived. Stuffed if I know, I love to write about stuff from convicts to whaling, politics to [...]

The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble

The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble Rogue Folk act The Dominic Francis Grief Ensemble is regarded for providing beautiful music with intense lyrics, capturing the soul of stories, guiding audiences through a traverse of deep personal relationships, leaving them with an internal sigh. A blend of accordion, guitar, ukulele and percussion result in a [...]

Fox ‘N’ Firkin

Fox 'N' Firkin A celtic punk rock band from Brisbane which formed in early 2012. Their sound fuses traditional/celtic/folk type melodies with a punk rock edge, made obvious by the instrumentation (Mandolin, Tin Whistle, Banjo etc. mixed with the modern standard, Guitar, Bass and Drums). Fox 'N' Firkin recently released their debut full [...]

Handsome Young Strangers

Handsome Young Strangers Australiana Bushpunk stalwarts Handsome Young Strangers are an institution in the Sydney Folk/Punk scene. They aren't a new band, having formed way back in 2004.   HYS in 2016 is as much a collective as a band with up to 5 extra members joining the 6 core members at [...]

The Dead Maggies

The Dead Maggies Tasmanian Convict Punk. Raucous cowpunk & folkpunk mixed with haunting murder ballads, timeless story telling and foot-stompin', heart pounding rhythms. The Dead Maggies are in their final throes, so catch their 2023 gigs or miss out. 13-14th Jan - Cygnet Folk Fest 24th Feb - Playing The Field at [...]

The Button Collective

The Button Collective The Button Collective is an exciting and energetic folk band from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, currently with no fixed address, likely to be camped out at a festival somewhere. Their music borrows elements from traditional folk bands of Australia, Ireland, and central Europe, spiced with the spirit [...]

Folk By The Sea, Kiama

Fri, 23/09/2016 to Sun, 25/09/2016 The Button Collective + The Dead Maggies + Vanishing Shapes + The Haywood Billygoats (USA) + Jed Rowe (UK) + heaps more Kiama, NSW Folk By The Sea Festival, Kiama Showgrounds Lots of Folk bands from around the world in the beautiful seaside town of Kiama. for tickets [...]