Tue 20 October

The Dead Maggies’ new single matches their raucous folk-punk with a tale of the improbable yet true Jørgen Jørgenson. A pirate, a convict, a king and a drunkard, the title character is the perfect foil for The Dead Maggies’ mix of foot-stomping folk and hollering punk antics.

A little-known legend, Danish-born Jørgenson once ruled Iceland for 50 days, and spent his final 14 years in Tasmania. When it came time to shoot the video for the single, the venue was clear: the Yukon, a fully restored Danish tall ship. “He was an adventurer who wrote his own legends while drinking, gambling, spying and pirating,” says vocalist/guitarist GT Mongrel. “He took on armies. He took on whole countries. He faced the executioners block and survived. He lived life as hard as life can be lived. He was a punk.”

The single is the first taste from The Dead Maggies’ forthcoming debut album Well Hanged, due for release on November on Folk ’Til Ya Punk Records. The album will feature Jørgen Jørgenson alongside 11 other tales culled from the dark and oppressive past of Australia’s southern penal colony, all set to music that finds the common energy, melody and attitude of folk and punk.