SAVE THE DATE – HOBOFOPO III will be taking place 6 – 9 December 2018.

Probably wanna write that down on a bit of paper, or on ya self somewhere x


HOBart’s Original FOlk Punk Orgy takes over Hobart town occasionally. Thanks to the mob who descend from all over the world to take part this town becomes a folk punk utopia. Amazing performances, the best fopos and hobos ever, the best times. Last year saw AJJ (USA, formerly Andrew Jackson Jihad) along with This Is A Robbery!, Paddy McHugh and The Dead Maggies headline an amazing array of talent.

HOBOFOPO takes place across and around Hobart, Tasmania. Like an old-skool folk festival / pub crawl it makes use of the amazing live venues, dive bars and bush pubs that already support the scene.

Applications are open now. If you want to apply for HOBOFOPO 2018 please do it like this:

Email to:

HFo2018 *Your act’s name* ARTIST APPLICATION HOBOFOPO 2018

Please keep to one short paragraph explaining what ya do and why ya want to do it at hobofopo 2018.

Include a link to one or two tracks or videos online and links to any websites or social media.

And contact details – an email and a phone number.

We are a total grassroots festival, not in a fancy way… In a we haven’t got a budget kind of way. Artist pay comes out of whatever pot we make over the festival and it’s generally a bit crap. Look basically, coming and playing at hobofopo is totally worth your while, just probably not financially. Unless you are Mutiny. Or Sydney City Trash, or The Barons of Tang. In which we will totally pay your flights… In fact, if you’re Billy Bragg, we could just about afford one flight from UK to Tas, so you can totally apply Billy.

HOBOFOPO takes place in various venues in and around Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.

Folk ‘Til Ya Punk Records is, y’know, some sort of collective who does this ‘cos it should happen.