Firstly, thanks to Willie Smiths Cider for sponsoring us.

Hobofopo2022 is on, 25-27th November.

We have missed our friends from NSW and VIC over the last couple of years, so expect programming to include a bunch of bands from there. In fact the lineup kinda looks like a reunion of bands that played 4-5 years ago. We’ve all missed you, and it’ll be great to go on a folk-punk pub crawl together again.


Festival passes are sold out, but there are still some tickets to individual gigs. Go to oztix and stick hobofopo into that search bar


Fri 25th –

Simple Cider 5-9pm.

5.20-5.40 Drizabone Dixon (nsw)

5.50-6.10 Willow Maze (nsw)

6.20-7.00 The Dead Peasants (vic)

7.15-8.00 Ess-Em (nsw)

8.15-9.00 The Dead Maggies (tas)

$15pre,$20door. (or free with the wristband)

The Grand Poobah 9.30pm-12.30am.

9.30-10.10 The Kucera Brothers (tas)

10.15-10.35 Samora Squid (tas)

10.50-11.30 This Is A Robbery (tas)

11.45-12.25 Billy Puntton and the Mental Health Plan (nsw)

$15pre, $20door. (or free with the wristband)

Twisted Lime 12.30-2.30am.

12.40-01.30am Whiskey Dram (vic)

01.30-??am Late Night Open Mic (you)

Free to wristbands at 12.30, then $10 to general public after.

Sat 26th –

Hobart Brewing Co 2-9pm.

2.10-2.40 Hannah Morrell (tas)

2.50-3.20 Crusty Fox (vic)

3.30-4.05 Jim Mongrel (nsw)

4.20-5.00 Alegria (tas)

5.10-5.50 Departure Party (nz)

6.05-6.50 Ragged Hollow (tas)

7.05-7.50 Handsome Young Strangers (nsw)

8.05-8.50 Medusas Wake (nsw)

$25pre, $30door. (or free with the wristband)

High Altar 9.30pm-12.30am.

9.30-10.00 Teresa Dixon (tas)

10.10-10.40 BrodyGreg (vic)

10.50-11.20 Jude Joseph (vic)

11.30-12.25 Ceschi (usa)

$22pre, $25door. (or free with the wristband)

Twisted Lime 12.30-??am.

12.40-01.30am – Tribute sets including Jude playing Mischief Brew, Brody playing Against Me, Ess-Em playing Frenzal, and more.

01.30-late – DJs (twisted lime said they’ll play some folkpunk for us)

Free entry for wristbands at 12.30am, then $10 to general public thereafter.

Sun 27th –

Willie Smiths Apple Shed, Grove. 12.30-2.30pm.

12.30-1.00 Nathan Brailey (vic)

1.10-1.40 Katie Wilson (tas)

1.50-2.30 Browny SC (recently moved to tas)

Free Entry.

Chris’ House, Franklin. 3pm-death. For the afterparty times – Woolworths//Flu Shot, also many bands will play for a second time, but this is the secret surprise part. Also free for the wristbanded, or cash in the hat for non wristbanded please. Also cash to buy merch or donate to the bbq/bar.


Lineup is subject to change without notice. With so many bands and the spicy flu around, chances are high that the lineup may be altered. You can ask for a refund, but we’d rather you don’t, just sit back and enjoy what the alternative programming ends up being, because it will be good.
We want Hobofopo to be a safer space. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other general dickheadness. So if you see anything wrong tell someone, then tell someone else.
We are on stolen land, sovereignty was never ceded. We pay our respects to elders past present and emerging.

Willie Smiths will be our main sponsor this year. Thanks Willies, your cider really is amazing.


Oh, almost forgot. TICKETS, because you want to buy your tickets. just go to and type hobofopo into that search bar.

they’re priced something like this

festival pass $50+bf presale only.

friday early at Simple $15+bf pre, $20 door.

friday later at Poobar $15+bf pre, $20 door.

saturday early at HBC $24+bf pre, $30 door.

saturday later at High Altar $22+bf pre, $25 door.

sunday is free

and the late night sessions at Twisted lime will be free entry to festival pass holders 12.30-12.45am, then the venue will sell $10 door tix to make up any difference to get to capacity.

do the maths, and you’ll see that if you want to go to any more than 2 gigs, then you’re best off getting the festival pass.