Hobofopo2023 is on 24-26th November.

Tickets are now live at http://www.mostix.com.au just put hobofopo into the search bar.

Door sales should be available at most gigs (subject to capacity ~20 left for HBC and ~30 left for Mayfair at the time of writing).

the gig-crawl looks like this.

friday 24th


Daniel Thomas (SA) – he put in an application to play, we hadn’t heard of him before but we were pleasantly surprised with his mischief brew style of storytelling, observational and self deprecational bangers. We have made an effort to bring new names to the hobofopo lineup this year, and Daniel is one of them.
James Brook (VIC) – is a father figure to the australian folkpunk scene, he was doing this in the 90s, with bands like Ecowar, Skreech Tramps and The Boarding Party. He’s toured the world countless times with the aforementioned bands, he’s defended the southern ocean on the sea shepherd (and recorded an EP in Antarctic oceans). His solo set is often an electric guitar and politically charged anthems in the style of billy bragg, which has seen him on stages all over the world including Glastonbury.
Paddy McHugh (QLD) – needs no introduction, he’s played a couple of hobofopo’s solo, and also with country-punk royalty Sydney City Trash. Paddy wears his heart on his sleeve with some of the most honest and gripping folk tales you’ll hear.
The Dead Peasants (VIC) – have been to every hobofopo except the one we had while covid had the vic/tas border closed. They are some of the nicest people you will meet, and hopefully we will all be singing along before we put each other in the bin.
Alegria (TAS) – have been building a reputation as one of the most fun and lively folk rock bands in Tasmania over the last couple of years. Having recently whipped the audience of the HuHuon Valley Mid-Winter Festival into a dancing storm, they’re getting noticed by several Tasmanian festivals, and provided the finale set of Maggie’s Wake last April for the Sunday morning hungover breakfast set.
A Commoners Revolt (ACT) – are another bunch of new faces to hobofopo. The ACT crew have been doing some highway miles between Melbourne and Sydney and getting noticed over the last couple of years. Their music is fun and raucous and proudly left-wing, sure to get you dancing and singing along.
The Currency (VIC) – need no introduction, we’ve been waiting to welcome these folk-rock royalty for a few years, and finally it’s lined up. Formed from members of The Living End and Mutiny, they’ve been selling out pub shows in Melbourne, and getting on mainstages of festivals such as Port Fairy for over a decade now.

then late night club at TWISTED LIME – hobart cbd

– with tribute sets til the wee hours featuring; Deirdre Ahn Brohn playing The Mountain Goats, Katie Hoy playing Amigo The Devil, Mark and Jude Playing The Taxpayers, David Dixon and friends playing Pat The Bunny and Quinton Trembath playing something (maybe grinspoon).


May be an image of map and text that says 'State Cinema TCA Oval North Hobart GeorgeSt SmithS Lefroy Quest Trinity House Glebe n-St Domain Tennis centre Republic Bar & Cafe church Argyle Hobart Convict Church-St Penitentiary Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre Arthur St Browne Murray bart Hamilton Bar Wa Izakaya Harrington St Farm Gate Market EverpooLst Mosque Hobart Simple Complex Bathurst Hobárt Cenotap Macquarie ollins Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Hotel Grand Chancellor Best Western Hobart Twisted Lime Constitution Dock View Villas MAC Melville Harrington St Brooke Street Pier ibis Styles Hobart lospital Corby Salamanca Market B68'
At HOBART BREWING CO on the waterfront
David Dixon (TAS) – has played in all the bands, and played all the instruments, they’ve got some solo acoustic treats for you.
Katie Wilson (TAS) – beautiful folk songs about being sad or hungover.
Bushed Poetry (QLD) – started as spoken word and evolved into a band, this act was unknown to hobofopo until the application popped up in the email, and all the organisers thought it was something we needed, and you needed.
Madigan’s Wake (VIC) – have been busy in Naarm for the last couple of years, celt-punk gets us fired up on a Saturday arvo, so lets get up and dancing.
Ragged Hollow (TAS) – are hobofopo regulars, with an assortment of talented musicians, dark lyrics with bright, celtic melodies; majestic fiddle mastery with cynical, cerebral songwriting.
Quinton Trembath (TAS/VIC)– will be a band, and songs will be sung by quinton (as opposed to last year when quinton got tributed). Tuns of fun.
Peanut Butter Crack Babies (SA) – will this be the wildest party of a band we’ve seen? There are six of them, a lot of energy, and they will probably take their shirts off.
Sooze (QLD.NSW)– has come recommended by the ‘get folked punk’ crowd of gadigal land, sooze does the personal songs and the storytelling songs, and has impressed everyone that we’ve shown her recordings to. Hopefully this is the start of big things to come for a young talented artist.
A Fistful Of Fiscal (TAS/cayman islands)– met as top graduates of harvard college school of economics. These old hats of folkpunk have plugged in to go electric and play short/fast/loud/fun hardcore punk. It’s political, satirical and financial.
Apes Of The State (USA) – the first of our two headline acts from the states. After starting as an acoustic band, they’ve gradually punked up over the last few years with a lineup featuring drum kit and electric guitar now. I dont know why i’m writing this, because you know who they are, and will be singing along to all their songs anyway, i’m just wasting electrons at this stage.
Jude Joseph – has played at many a hobofopo, so you’ve probably seen him, small chance you crowdsurfed to him at a past hobofopo. You’ve probably also listened to his songs online, because they’re good. It’s late, let’s sing along.
01.10-02.30am ish
Late Night Open Mic – this is where you jump up and play. It’s happened every year, it’s fun and it’s messy. If you don’t jump up then Jude might just end up playing mischief brew covers all night, which is not a bad thing. But we’d much rather see what you’ve got. BrodyGreg might open up proceedings, and then the evening will be hosted by the Sausage Roll Bandits (that’s Brody + Jude fyi)
May be an image of map and text that says 'Scrubbers Car Wah Wash Elizabeth ChurchSt Argyle.St Hobart Convict Church-St Penitentiary ar Wa Izakaya Doone Kennedy Hobart Aquatic Centre Aberdeens @tiverpoolst Bathurs Macquarie Wharf No. 5 Simple Hobárt Cenotaph @anigi Farm Gate Market Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart Constitution Dock MAC02 Twisted Lime Best Western Hobart Goulburn'S arrington St ibis Styles Hobart M Melville Brooke Street Pier Salamanca Market stRd 68 Oiyulet Macquarie 5ี Point AJ White Û Park Kelly outh St Runnymede'
Starting at PREACHERS, which is just behind Salamanca. Forecast is wet, but seated area is underneath umbrellas.
Hannah Morrell (NZ/TAS), the prodigal daughter returns to her home (hobofopo), she may have jumped up to play with half of the bands this weekend, and is looking tired. Now is the time for her to show us some of the honest and touching folk songs she wrote through covid lockdown.
Eddie Lawlor (NSW) – You’ll recognise him as frontman of celtpunk band Medusas Wake. He knows how to bang out a celt-flavoured and irish-accented reel or ten.
BrodyGreg (VIC) is another act that comes every year, and why not, his songs are a perfect fit for Hobofopo. You’ve probably seen him before, and you’d probably agree.
Now we are at THE MAYFAIR in Sandy Bay.
Deidre Ahn Brohn (VIC) – is another naarm-based ‘band bnb’ host, Deidre has some haunting, personal, pop songs, with topics of dysphoria and abuse.
Brendan Hill (SA) – is from Adelaide and pops over to Melbourne a bit between several bands and his solo set. Brendan knows how to play guitar and sing, and does it in a brodygreg-esque kinda way.
The Sketches (TAS) – were a bit of a folk-rock band once, they’re now a bit of an indie-rock band, with dry and honest storytelling and a heap of energy.
The Stragglers (VIC/NZ/TAS) – Teresa, Samara and Hannah are all good friends of all of the hobofopo regulars. They all live in different states/countries now, and reform as this supergroup on special occasions. Ratbag blugrass and boozy alt-country, with the folk instrument trio and lovely harmonies.
Pigeon Pit (USA) – we saved the best for last. These are the headliners from the USA, this is the one you’re hanging out for. If you miss it, you’ll feel awkward when everyone else is talking about it for years into the future.
9.00-11.55pm – the bar will stay open til midnight. We are turning the PA off, but if anyone wants to pull out an instrument for an acoustic jam to wind down the evening, then you’re most welcome.
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monday 27th if you want a post-festival unwind, we will be hanging at mona, there will be more (free) music there. 12pm – Apes Of The State, 1pm – Pigeon Pit, 2pm – Zac Henderson.


After less accessible venues last year, we want to rectify this with more accessible venues this year. We will be using;

Simple Cider – fully accessible with ambulant toilets and areas to sit

The Republic Bar – wheelchair access by requesting to go through the rear beer garden (front has steps), lots of seating areas, some may be quiet and dim lit. Toilet is not accessible.

Hobart Brewing Co – fully accessible, with ambulant toilet and places to sit. The bar is high, but you can request bar staff to come to you with square reader.

Preachers – ask staff to access alternative access point (over 1 step).

The Mayfair – entry point requires lifting over two steps, the toilet in the venue is not accessible as it’s down steep steps, however there is a fully accessible public toilet in a directly adjacent complex. Seating at back of the room should provide line of sight of the stage.

The late night fopo club will be a Twisted Lime – which is not an accessible venue.

Keep an eye on facebook and instagram socials for more up to date info.


Hobofopo is a 3day gig-crawl of folk-punk around nipaluna/hobart. We’ve been doing this for 8 years, and it’s great to catch up with all of our folk-punk loving friends each year. Like a pilgrimage of sorts. We have also hosted amazing bands, like; Days N Daze, AJJ, Crywank, Ceschi, Crooked Fiddle Band, SC Trash, Darren Hanlon, The Go Set, Flangipanis, Ramshackle Army, Handsome Young Strangers, Paddy McHugh, Departure Party, Claire Anne Taylor, Ben Salter, Runebilly Rattle, The Berkeley Hunts, Medusas Wake, Soursob Bob, and regular acts include This Is A Robbery, The Dead Maggies, Hairyman, Ragged Hollow, The Stragglers, The Dead Peasants, Ess-Em, Whiskey Dram, Jude Joseph, BrodyGreg. We love anything sitting between folk and punk, this could be; rogue folk, celtic punk, boozy bluegrass, folk rock, anti-folk, cowpunk, etc.


We want Hobofopo to be a safer space. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or any other general dickheadness. So if you see anything wrong tell someone, then tell someone else.
We are on stolen land, sovereignty was never ceded. We pay our respects to elders past present and emerging.