The Dead Maggies The Dead Maggies

The Dead Maggies

Tasmanian Convict Punk. Raucous cowpunk & folkpunk mixed with haunting murder ballads, timeless story telling and foot-stompin’, heart pounding rhythms.

The Dead Maggies are in their final throes, so catch their 2023 gigs or miss out.

13-14th Jan – Cygnet Folk Fest

24th Feb – Playing The Field at Left of Field Campground

17th March – Forth Valley Blues Fest

15th April – Maggies Wake

Their debut mini-album ‘Sing About Dead People’ (2013) was feature release on ABC Local and Edge Radio, and had songs played on Triple J.

Their full-length album ‘Well Hanged’ (2015) was the first release on Folk Til Ya Punk Records. Well Hanged was featured as album of the week on three radio stations; ABC936, Edge Radio and 2BoB, got a few spins on Triple J, and great reviews around the world. Well Hanged was ranked #7 for London Celtic Punks’ album of the year list for 2015, and track ‘Billy Hunt’ made it into 4ZZZ’s Hot 100 poll for 2016.

In 2018 The Dead Maggies released a pair of EP’s ‘Wild Dogs and Flannies’ and ‘The Wild Folk’, with the latter set soon after white invasion of Tasmania, and the former being a take on contemporary stories of oppression.

2020 saw the release of ‘More Than Just Ghosts’ recorded in Indonesia and released on vinyl. With more airplay on Triple J, Double J, ABC936 and Edge Radio.

The Dead Maggies have toured regularly, including trips to Europe in 2014 & 2017, and S.E. Asia in 2016 & 2019, plus frequent sojourns around Australia to take in some of the best festivals including; Falls, Port Fairy, The National Folk Festival, The Spiegeltent, Illawarra Folk Festival, Psyfari, St Albans, Folk By The Sea, Fractangular, Taste of Tasmania and The Huon Valley Midwinter Festival. International festivals include Outcider and playing a mainstage at the 60,000 capacity Boomtown Fair.

The Dead Maggies straddle the folk-punk title proudly, being the raucous band at the folk festival one day, and the acoustic band at the punk show the next.